Daniel Templeton

Daniel Templeton


Back squat 375; snatch 195; clean and jerk 265;


CrossFit level 1; Burgener strength level 1; current student for PTA

About Coach

First started coaching in high school for youth basketball camps and did the same in college for football and basketball. While in college i played two years of football and many other intramural sports (volleyball, softball, basketball). I found CrossFit with my wife in 2019 at a small gym in Texas. We have currently been members at 5 different gyms and grown in knowledge and ability at all of them.

Turning Point

I would have to say one of the best turning points of my life was the choice to get healthy after years and years of crappy living. My wife and I started at a small gym in Texas where the own/coach there instilled some very tough love upon us. His attention to details and dedication to movement standard has carried with us ever since. I truly believe he saved our lives and started us down this road. I one day hope to have the same impact he had on us.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping people move. Watching someone who has become stiff from lack of movement and helping them get the tools to achieve there bodies full abilities. Also helping them understand that nutrition is not difficult but it does take discipline to achieve most goals.

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