Elise Dunning

Elise Dunning

CrossFit Coach

Snatch: 120 lbs; Clean & Jerk: 150 lbs; Deadlift: 250 lbs; Cindy: 20+11


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I began CrossFit in high school, after spending my childhood as a competitive gymnast. Throughout my years in gymnastics I loved the challenge of setting daunting goals, and then achieving what I would have never thought I could after months or years of persistent work. Gymnastics did not come naturally to me, and I started at a much older age than most others at my level. However, over the years I learned to remain resilient through failure and maintain a focused mindset despite setbacks. Ultimately, I accomplished much more than I could have initially imagined. Along the way, I developed a love for attempting new skills and trying out things that intimidated me. CrossFit offered the perfect opportunity for a place where I could apply this passion and be constantly challenged!

Turning Point

Throughout my gymnastics journey, I struggled significantly with harsh self-criticism. As a competitive athlete, I held myself to a high standard and was constantly being compared to other gymnasts. I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish and, as many athletes do, I had a unrealistic expectations of how I wanted to look as a gymnast. Failure to meet those expectations set by myself and my coaches was at times devastating. <br /> However, over those years, I learned to balance my goals with appreciation of the progress I had made. Additionally, I was able to better encourage and support my teammates because of the challenges I had faced. <br /> When I began CrossFit, I found those same principles applied. All of us have visions for what we want to accomplish and who we want to be, and these goals are fantastic and necessary. However, we must also maintain confidence in our identity as a whole, and in how far we have already come.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, I aim to meet each person where they are in their life and fitness journey. We all come to our CrossFit box with a different story and different goals. I hope to bring each member the fitness experience they need, and encourage you all to celebrate your incredible hard work and progress. It can be daunting to start CrossFit, as I remember very well myself, but I truly believe any day is the perfect day to begin. As your coach, I will challenge you to set goals for yourself, try things that may intimidate you, and cheer you on along the way! At the same time, I will encourage you to appreciate your own effort, your story, and your abilities, because all of those together are what make up the incredible athlete that is YOU!

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